Katonah™ Yoga Teacher Training

30 Hour Katonah™ Yoga Teacher Training at Inlet Yoga Studio.  November 2017

About Inlet Yoga's 30 Hour Katonah™ Teacher Training Program

Inlet Yoga's Katonah™ Yoga Teacher Training is open to teachers wishing to deepen their understanding of the principles of Katonah™ Yoga and those students with established practices wishing to learn more about the Katonah™ method. The training is guided by Ivy Ray, Sr. Katonah Certified Instructor!


- November 4th & 5th - 12:00 - 6:00 p.m.

- November 11th & 12th - 12:00 - 6:00 p.m.

- November 18th - Five (5) hours with Nevine Michaan the creator of Katonah™ Yoga in her founding studio space, times TBD and updated.

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What is Katonah™ Yoga?

KATONAH YOGA® was founded by Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga Center over 30 years ago. Influenced by the study of Hatha yoga, Chinese theory, and sacred geometry, she created, developed, and continues to refine this unique practice. Both esoteric and pragmatic, the Katonah theory and its practice promotes self-awareness through techniques that foster well-being, which facilitates personal transformation.

The essence of all Hatha Yoga practice is the postures (asanas). Once the basic posture is achieved, the form of the posture can then be deepened through study and through the work of the breath.  As an aid to deepening the experience of the postures, Katonah Yoga employs the vast resources of Taoist thought, a branch of Chinese philosophy, which is several thousand years old. This simple, very clear system of natural laws and correspondences is used in Katonah Yoga as a kind of image bank to help move the mind through the body, and to deepen the mental understanding of the individual poses. The synthesis of Taoist and classical Yogic thought produces a poetry of interpretation which is unique to Katonah Yoga.

Meet Ivy Ray, Sr. Katonah™ Yoga Instructor

Ivy Ray is a Senior Katonah Yoga Instructor certified with founder Nevine Michaan in her then 3 year program in 2001. Ivy is a Mother, native New Yorker, singer, formerly signed recording artist, voice over talent, songwriter and consultant. She is a life long scholar of many of the worlds great traditions. Her forte for nearly 2 decades has largely been the potent informative world of private instruction. She's worked with elites in business, sports, literature, music and the arts, much therapeutics and everything in between. She considers Katonah Yoga Center to be her home and hub, gratefully teaches at Abbie Galvins' TheStudio.Yoga, and is affiliated with Sky Ting. 2018 will be filled with workshops, Immersive retreats, Katonah teacher trainings, a Mentorship Program and more Sound Meditations.

Ivy's life and teaching is continually informed by the magic and wisdom of what has been, the privilege and great joy of her son, the daily grace, grit and beauty of all things life, her ongoing relationship with Nevine Michaan and her like no other Extraordinary work, Ken Wilbers Integral Theory and its relationships, her multidisciplinary approach that fosters multidimensionality and the ongoing gracious privilege of working with her students. Ivy resides in New York City.


Transform your practice and your teaching style with Inlet Yoga's 30 Hour Katonah™ Yoga Teacher Training.


Join Inlet Yoga for our 30 Hour Katonah™ Yoga Teacher Training with Ivy Ray at Inlet Yoga in Manasquan, NJ at the NJ Shore.

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