300 Hour Seasonal Yoga™️ Teacher Training

300 Hour Seasonal Yoga™️ Teacher Training


This is the ultimate in 300 Hour Seasonal Yoga™️ Teacher Trainings! Through the framework of Seasonal Yoga™️ – We have curated and partnered with local talent and venues to deliver a training that gives the student a personal experience in a collective, nurturing environment. With the efforts of some of the area’s best teachers, doctors, health counselors and lifestyle coaches, Inlet Yoga is excited to bring you into this 300 Hour Seasonal Yoga™️ Program.

What is Seasonal Yoga™️

Simply put it is learning to mirror nature in every moment of our practice and allowing her to guide you on and off the mat. “External cycles of time—the day, the lunar cycles, the passing of seasons as we circle the sun—are mirrored in the phases of the breath, creating a “procession of internal time.” Thus we internalize time itself by observing the flow of breath (time) within the body (space) in a single round of breath, a reflection of the cosmic rhythm”. – Shiva Rea, Tending the Heart Fire: Living in Flow with the Pulse of Life.

This program is for any student or teacher with a 200 hour certification from any school of yoga. Beyond the basics, these courses will give you a somatic understanding a asana, philosophy, meditation, pranayama, adaptive yoga and beyond through the lense of seasonal yoga honoring the rhythms and cycles of nature through experience and one on one instruction with our teachers. The 300 hrs will take place in modules and be a pay-as-you-go system pay for the small module with Early bird specials and choose what you would like.

The way the modules work you may complete in as little time as 12 months or you could take your time and give yourself up to 3 years to soak it all in! Most of the modules will take place at Inlet Yoga but there will also be some astounding opportunities to go off site. For example, the upcoming yearly retreats led by our Senior teaching team may count as hours towards your 300 hour. This modular set up allows the student to place focus and emphasis on their individual learning while giving space to allow the study to fit their study and passion into their current lifestyle. For example, if you love meditation you can learn the basics of meditation, the science behind, and learn the history of while having the experience of a silent retreat at an ashram (which we have partnered with in the local area). If you don’t want that, no problem! You can skip some meditation modules and fill in with a module that better suits your needs..

Upon completion you will be able to register with Yoga Alliance at the elite 500 hour certified level.

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