Sandy Hall | Inlet Yoga Manasquan NJ

Only one week ago…how much life has changed- yet how we care for one another remains the same. Sandy is perhaps one of the most relaxed instructors I know…These instructors are the ones who are continually showing up. #igotyou Sandy Wednesday’s 9:15 AM.

SPRING AWAKENING- Two Major Principles of Meditation by Anne Britt

Anne Britt Meditation

Spring is magical. It feels like a long exhale after months of holding my breath in anticipation of warmth, new growth, and sunshine. I am filled with delight when I see buds forming on the forsythia and the tiny crocuses peeking through the still hard ground. Unexpectedly, I have experienced a similar spring-Esque magic sprouting from my meditation practice.

Tips to ease low back crankiness OFF your yoga mat with Allison Kane

Allison Kane Lower Back CARE

I’m back with a few more tips to share! I’ve been practicing yoga for 30 years and I’ve dealt with chronic low back pain for 20 years.  As a yoga teacher and movement instructor, I chose to get smart about my body’s idiosyncrasies.  I’ve already shared a few blogs on how to deal with low […]

Viparita Karani or Legs up the Wall Tutorial with Ellen Mosko

Want to learn more with this Master Teacher?  How about a 20 hr Restorative Training Module with Ellen Mosko at Inlet Yoga Beginning February 9, 2020? A great place to start to relieving stress, anxiety as well as a host of physical symptoms. Also, you can basically hold this forever enjoying its myriad of benefits. Enjoy!

A Few Things I Learned in 2019

Inlet Yoga Studio | Manasquan NJ | NJ Shore Yoga

A few things I learned in 2019: 1) You will never please everyone. Don’t bother. What is it to please yourself, take time for and honor self as the most important cherished authentic tool to take into this broken world? 2) Finding peace is hard. We spend our entire lives looking for connection, belonging, acceptance. […]

Welcoming Yulady Saluti and Amy B from Root to Rise

Please welcome Amy B and Yulady Saluti to Inlet Yoga’s Schedule.   Amy B is passionately involved in our community and we’re sure you also recognize her from Root to Rise.  However, have you taken her “kick Asana” class?  Well now you can, Tuesday’s at 7:00 a.m.  Steeped in a sweet mix of devotional and […]