Inlet Yoga Studio Helps COVID-19 Lockdown Families in India

Inlet Yoga Studio | Manasquan NJ

The Inlet Yoga Community held a fundraiser on May 15th and raised $2,200 for families requiring necessities for survival in India that are on Covid-19 lockdown and cannot leave their homes.  Donations by the community members will benefit approximately 40 families with food, water, and other items they need to survive. Here are a few […]

Yoga in Curtis Park

Yoga In The Park Inlet Yoga NJ Shore

Inlet Yoga will be closed Saturday August, 20th and Sunday, August 21st for some freshening up and a new look.  During this time, we’ll host two classes on Saturday and two classes on Sunday in Curtis Park directly across the street from the studio.   The four classes that weekend will all be donation based […]