Jennifer Vafakos

I want you to feel good. Most of us at a certain point in life realize that the aging process has us on the hook. I have pain if I don’t move. In fact, I can have a lot of it. I have resisted surgery and opted for the methods that take dedication and practice […]

SPRING AWAKENING- Two Major Principles of Meditation by Anne Britt

Anne Britt Meditation

Spring is magical. It feels like a long exhale after months of holding my breath in anticipation of warmth, new growth, and sunshine. I am filled with delight when I see buds forming on the forsythia and the tiny crocuses peeking through the still hard ground. Unexpectedly, I have experienced a similar spring-Esque magic sprouting from my meditation practice.

Viparita Karani or Legs up the Wall Tutorial with Ellen Mosko

Want to learn more with this Master Teacher?  How about a 20 hr Restorative Training Module with Ellen Mosko at Inlet Yoga Beginning February 9, 2020? A great place to start to relieving stress, anxiety as well as a host of physical symptoms. Also, you can basically hold this forever enjoying its myriad of benefits. Enjoy!

September’s Workshops at Inlet Yoga

David Regelin Workshop Inlet Yoga NJ Shore

On September 11th, Jason Morris joins us for a very special workshop and we will have the opportunity to share a well rounded class and discussion with this highly intuitive and skilled instructor. Whether you are a Yoga Instructor or a devoted student, no matter what style of Vinyasa you practice, learn how to set […]

A way into Advanced Asana and Inversions

Jeff Posner Inlet Yoga NJ Shore

Inlet Yoga is excited to welcome Jeffrey Posner to Inlet Yoga for a workshop entitled “A way into Advanced Asana and Inversions”  Jeffrey’s attitude for yoga is intense and uplifting. His unique style is a blend of the traditions he has studied and practiced including Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Lotus Flow™ through which he was first trained […]