Winter Solstice Yoga at Barlow’s Nursery

It seems fitting that on the darkest days as we begin to turn towards the light that I announce a special project that we have been working HARD on behind the scenes.

For the past couple of months, Jack has diligently worked to add another section of recorded videos that are specific to areas of study and interest. These are workshops are meant to complement your current practice and individual path. Whether you are already showing up for classes taking, one of our teacher training, or have taken workshops we know that the contact and relationship with a teacher are paramount to development as you grow.
Inlet students always have had powerful practices. You have continued to show up even over the past year when our lives have flipped flopped and been incredibly unpredictable. This portal is a further offering based on what we have heard and what you have requested. These offerings are different from anything else out there because our teachers know you, we see you and we hear our community.
As this portal continues to grow over the coming months you will see more overlap between retreats, workshops, training both in real life and Livestream. It is our intent that this only supplements your experiences and keeps you inspired to continue to return to your mat.
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