Jennifer Vafakos
Thank You from Inlet Yoga, Manasquan, NJI want you to feel good. Most of us at a certain point in life realize that the aging process has us on the hook. I have pain if I don’t move. In fact, I can have a lot of it. I have resisted surgery and opted for the methods that take dedication and practice to mitigate the pain of 4 herniated discs and a sacral joint that is hypermobile. I share this because intelligent practice takes something more than just showing up and moving for hours on end- it takes study and dedication. Before you wonder what on earth caused the pain (years of happily running, biking, surfing, snowboarding, for hours upon hours taking injuries as they came and not paying attention) consider that it takes an openness to understand that our yoga practice can only be enhanced with other modalities of movement.

Doing the same thing over and over only leads to habits. Habits that are not always beneficial and not always conscious. In fact, I would say injury has been my greatest teacher whereas my ability in movement and my enthusiasm for it has not.
A couple of years ago I placed the first-ever Roll Model Method® on Inlet’s workshop schedule led by Allison Kane and selfishly took up space in the class. THIS CLASS CHANGED MY DAILY PRACTICE. Though I hate sharing my personal story and talking about my arthritis if my testament can help you and your mobility than I humbly will share from a place of experience. LIVING IN PAIN is not worth it.
If you see me in class you would never know- I am strong AND flexible. However, my body is a roadmap of hard-won stories. My greatest story is one I am still writing of living, learning, and knowing that I am intelligently aging from a serious place of self-acceptance.
Please whether you have pain, or not consider placing something into your practice that is EDUCATION on movement. Check out Allison’s Tip to Toe workshop series beginning this TUESDAY evening May 19.
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