Advanced Teacher Training with April Puciata

30 Hour Advanced Teacher Training at Inlet Yoga. 

Science, Subtle Body and Synergy of Yoga and Creativity….

30 Hour Advanced Teacher Training

with "beyond OM" with April Puciata

In Two Modules

Module One

November 4th & 5th 2018

Creativity and self-expression are part of the human experience. When we are children we cannot help but build, color, pick up a musical instrument, or write. However, as we get older many of us don't tap into that side of ourselves or make an active practice out of harnessing that energy - even though we are discovering more and more how important it is to our work, play, health and even recovery.

Yoga can be a truly integral part of tuning into and focusing that creative energy. This program is designed especially for teachers wanting to experience and cultivate this energy it in their own practice - on and off the mat.

When you are more inspired in your life you cannot help but bring this to your classes and students. By cultivating your creative energy you will also be more attuned to the universe, your intuition, and those around you.

This program will include all layers of our being from the physical body to the bliss body.  (We will use the Shariras as a framework for this training). We will discuss what lies in each one and how to work within it – one not being more or less important in our experience. We will explore how the layers connect and affect each other.

See below for more on this module:

Module Two

March 2019 (Dates TBD)

So what happens when the creative ideas start coming? We need to be able to put them in action so we can share in a clear, accessible and authentic way.

After the first module you will be given some time to explore, connect and experiment. You will be given a brief assignment to bring for the second module where you will receive valuable feedback in a safe environment.  We will inspire one another and also discuss real ways to develop your ideas.

- We will also delve deeper and discuss

- Self expressions/Voice/Authenticity

- Let it come, Let it Go-Cooperating with the universe rather than fighting against it.

- What happens when you are blocked

- Putting it into action: Message, mission statement. business plan

- Gratitude/service

- Ebb and flow/staying Inspired

Included in Module One

Move (Sthula Sharira, or Physical Body)

  • What are the Shariras?
  • How and why creativity benefits every day life.
  • How and why creativity is important to the yoga practice.
  • Why we start with the physical body
  • Tadasana more than good posture
  • How to sequence creatively, intelligently, safely and the importance of this.
  • How trauma sits in physical body and how it can be affected by creativity and yoga


(Sthula Sharira, or Physical Body)


(Shukshma Sharira or Subtle Body)

Included in Module One

Meditate (Shukshma Sharira or Subtle Body)

  • Subtle Body
  • Alignment of 7 chakras in physical body
  • How creativity and where creativity lives in the chakras
  • The Koshas
  • The Texts
  • Why and how Pranayama and Meditation are important to creative process.
  • Sounds/Visuals in Meditation
  • The importance of Intuition and how to listen. (The Siddhis)
  • Meditation techniques -  create the bridge to Karana Sharira

Included in Module One

Manifest (Karana Sharira or Causal Body)

  • Tapping into your bliss body
  • Taking talents and creativity off the mat (samyama)
  • Creating Ritual and why it matters
  • Creating a Calendar and routine that works (based around moon cycles)
  • Expressive and creative exercises
  • Journaling
  • Let it come, Let it Go- Cooperating with the universe rather than fighting against it.
  • What happens when you are blocked
  • Gratitude/service


(Karana Sharira or Causal Body)

***Electronic materials/manual included. CEU’s available after completion of assignment and module 2***

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