Inlet Yoga Giving Back to the Community


Our objective at Inlet Yoga is to proactively give back to the community when and where we can!  We have a plan to work with a new local not for profit charity every six (6) months and donate to their cause.  How are we going to do this?  Well, we have an amazing member community that supports us.  The more monthly members we have that join us, the more we can give back to the community.  Meaning, every time a monthly member checks into a class at Inlet Yoga, and steps on their mat to enhance their practice, we take a portion of their monthly membership and donate it to the charitable cause during that six month term, and will continue to donate to the new charitable donations going forward.  

In addition to the continuous donations by through our dedicated and caring membership, we are adding donation based classes to our class schedule.  So if you show up to the class, all we ask is that you donate what you can to the cause and ALL the proceeds go to that charitable cause.  Watch our schedule for the new donation based classes coming soon.

We'll also be adding a new Saturday class where one of our amazing and tenured instructors will be teaching, and all the profit from that class will also go to the charitable cause, as well.   Check the class schedule for the new time.

And Lastly, check out THIS LINK for blog posts associated with the charitable organizations that we'll be working with and donating to.