Promotion(s) Terms and Conditions

30 Day for $30 Unlimited Yoga Promotional Terms and Conditions

  1.  Monthly Members are not eligible for this promotion.
  2. Offer for new and existing drop-in & Package Students.
  3. You may not sign up for the 30 Days for $30 more than once.
  4. If found to be signing up with multiple email address subsequent to your first 30 Days for $30 purchase and attendance, your accounts will be merged, you will be notified, and may be barred from the studio.
  5. This promotion may be gifted.  In order to gift this program you must provide the giftees full name, address, phone, and email address for their new account at Inlet Yoga.
  6. Two Free Passes must be used within the 30 Days of the program from the date you signed up.
  7. Discounts at Barefoot Boutique provided by a courtesy of Barefoot, an Athleisure Boutique
  8. Discounts on memberships (free month on annual membership with commitment or $20 discount on first month of monthly membership) upon expiry of your $30 for 30 Days expires 30 days from the introductory program.
  9. Additional fees for Workshops, Labs, and Trainings may apply.
  10. Offer expires or may be pulled at any time.
  11. Offer may change at any time.
  12. Terms and Conditions may be updated at any time without notice and supercede any previous terms and conditions at Inlet Yoga's sole discretion.

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