Six Month Membership Agreement

Jennifer Vafakos Yoga, LLC dba Inlet Yoga

Six Month Membership Agreement

Inlet Yoga (the “Company”) is delighted to offer this opportunity to transform your life one breath at a time by becoming a Company member. Please select your membership option below and carefully read and sign our Membership Agreement. Feel free to ask us if you have any questions. Welcome to the Inlet Yoga community!


This Membership Agreement (this “Agreement”) is by and between Inlet Yoga (“Company”) and Member (as defined above) for yoga and wellness services provided by Company in exchange for payment of a monthly or annual membership fee (the “Membership Fee”).

For good and valuable consideration, the parties hereby agree as follows:

  1. I agree to allow Inlet Yoga to charge my credit card on a monthly basis for the purpose of my membership fee under the terms and conditions of my Membership Agreement. Membership dues are required up front with a valid credit or debit card only.  A credit card must be left on file upon initial membership purchase for the automatic payment plan. The Membership fee will be automatically deducted from the credit card on file annually from the date of purchase.
    1. I may revoke credit card authorization by providing 5 days’ notice in advance of my next pre-authorized payment date. I agree that revocation of this authorization does not terminate my agreement and that I will continue to be responsible for any outstanding fee or dues in respect of my Membership Agreement.
    2. I agree to inform Inlet Yoga of any change in my credit card information (ie. expiry date) within 5 days of the next pre-authorized payment.
    3. I acknowledge that there is a charge for credit cards that fail pre-authorization, and that there is a fee of $25.00 for each pre-authorization failure $25.00.
    4. I have been advised of, and, acknowledge the terms and conditions of pre-authorized credit card payments, and my responsibilities with respect thereto.
  2. Members may freeze their membership for one (1) month out of every year. In such case the one month will not count toward the Membership period but a Member will not be able to attend classes during that month without payment. This option will only be given when requested with 15 days prior notice by e-mail directed to Jennifer Vafakos at [email protected].
  3. The minimum period for this Agreement is six (6) months and is considered the minimum period (the “Minimum Period”). After the Minimum Period expires, the membership will continue to automatically renew on a semi-annual basis until the Member informs Company of the desire to cancel the membership. Member understands that this Agreement does not include any workshops or teacher training.
    1. Member understand that at the end of the six (6) months Inlet Yoga will CONTINUE to bill the monthly membership fee at the prevailing rate on a monthly basis, unless notified of cancellation in writing 30 days prior to next billing date .
  4. If Member terminates this Agreement for any reason before the end of the Minimum Period with respect to either of the Annual Memberships, the Member will pay a penalty fee equal to $200.00. This fee will be drawn from credit/debit card used at the time of sign up. Member understands that failure on its part to regularly attend yoga classes does not relieve it of the monthly obligation to pay the membership obligation in full.
  5. In order to terminate this Agreement after the Minimum Period a Member must notify Company at least 30 days prior to the next automatic charge against its credit card in writing or via email to Company at [email protected] (please put “Yoga Membership” as subject heading of email).  Company does not accept phone, verbal, or voice mail cancellations. In turn, Company will send a confirmation via email after the changes have been made to your membership. Member may cancel its membership at any time after the expiration of the Minimum Period without penalty.
  6. Once a Member has submitted an e-mail request for any changes to a membership, it is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that Company has responded back on the same e-mail account to confirm processing the request. Company is in not responsible for Member’s negligence in checking their own credit card statements to ensure that membership changes, holds, or cancellations have been processed correctly.
  7. In the event of miscommunication, Member is responsible to produce a copy of their request and response from Company for review. Only then, if Company did not perform what it agreed to do, Company will reimburse any funds rightfully owed to Member. In the event that Member cannot produce a copy of e-mail correspondence with Company, then Company is not obligated to, nor will refund under any circumstances, dues charged against Member’s credit card.
  8. Member agrees to purchase the membership for the amount of the Membership Fee as an automatic charge to its credit card, or automatic debit to its checking account, for each month for the Minimum Period. Member agrees to allow Company to charge its credit card for the amount of the Membership Fee in accordance with this Agreement.
  9. Member hereby certifies that it is the holder of the credit card described above. Member understands that it will be notified if its credit card fails to authorize for any reason, and that Member will be required to pay Company for any amounts of the Membership Fee which were unpaid due to the failure of its credit card to authorize for any reason. If the Member’s Credit Card fails to authorize for seven (7) business days, The Member’s Membership will be suspended until such time they have updated their Credit Card with a new one.
  10. Company and Member agree that any dispute or controversy relating to this Agreement shall be settled by arbitration held in Middletown, NJ, in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association. The decision of the arbitrator shall be final, conclusive and binding on the parties to the arbitration. Company and Member shall each pay one-half of the costs and expenses of such arbitration, and each shall separately pay its respective counsel fees and expenses.
  11. Member understands that its membership will be deactivated if its account becomes more than 30 calendar days late.

Please copy and paste or print this document for your records