About Inlet Yoga's Honor the Body 200 Hour Foundational Yoga Teacher Training.


Honor the Body 200 Hour RYT Yoga Teacher Training

We have seen immense shifts and changes in our communities, daily lives, personal needs, and individual schedules. Now more than ever there is a desire to connect with one another and be in the presence of. It is our firm belief to pass this practice on and share our offerings in the most robust, genuine, and unique format that yoga teacher training MUST be done in person and with ample time. It is with this love that we offer 200 hr RYT Modular teacher training 2022/ 2023 program.

More About This Yoga Teacher Training

Due to the nature of our current lives we are breaking our 200 RYT TT down into 3 modules run in 5-hour increments throughout the year on Sundays. Module 1 is a prerequisite to understanding the basics of becoming a teacher. A student may sign up to module 1 without wanting to become a teacher and only for self-development or perhaps as a refresher in practice.

Before continuing to modules 2 and 3 this module 1 must be completed.

This training while meeting all the traditional requirements of a 200hr RYT program is set up to honor the body through an in-depth understanding of movement, nutrition, and self-care using all the tools of the science of yoga.

What Makes Inlet Yoga Different

What makes us different from any 200 hr foundational program in the area:

Mentorship Program

  • Upon declaring an intention to complete the 200 RYT training, you will be automatically be assigned a mentor and a small group of students in which you will have access to and meet once a week to practice teaching, refine your building of skills and teaching competence as well as be able to securely understand all information and homework over the weekend. The mentorship program and the group of students are further there to support you on your journey so that you get the most out of the program.

Access At Your Convenience

  • Upon declaring an intention to complete the 200 RYT training at Inlet Yoga you will additionally gain membership to the online membership portal to review videos and take classes at your leisure as well as have unlimited access to regularly scheduled classes both in real life and Livestream.


  • Due to the timely nature of this program, you will also receive exclusive invitations to some Seasonal Celebrations and workshops. As booked and secured by Inlet Yoga.

Access to Top Notch Leading Instructors

  • With the support of our excellent senior-level leading teachers in the yoga industry, in less than one year after completing all 3 modules, you will be able to register at the 200-Hour level with Yoga Alliance giving you one of the highest levels of the yoga industry credentialing in the world to teach yoga.

Once payment is complete enjoy unlimited regularly scheduled yoga classes at Inlet Yoga for the duration of training.

Our Instructors

Jennifer Vafakos

Managing Director and Owner

Through fortuitous events, Jennifer stepped into her first yoga class on the lower east side of NYC at Bhava Community Center more than 10 yrs ago and fell in love with the sweaty and energetic vibe. Not her mother’s yoga or her classical ballet background, she realized it was something so much more… Classes are an offering of healing, laughter, playfulness, fun, and adventure colliding with mindful alignment, dynamic sequencing, breath-work, and yogic philosophy.

She is the manager/owner of Inlet Yoga and co-lead for Inlet’s 200hr RY

Gerald Saluti

Co-Lead and Senior Instructor at Inlet Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

Gerald Saluti is first and foremost a student of the movement of the human body. With a background steeped in athletics, Gerald molded his passion for movement and his study of anatomy into a dedicated yoga practice.

He took his first yoga class over 10 years ago and was drawn both to the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. Intrigued by how yoga made him feel and in order to deepen his own practice, Gerald completed his first teacher training. He attended numerous yoga workshops, festivals, and events and eventually could not ignore his burning desire to teach yoga.

Allison Kane

Co-Lead and Senior Instructor at Inlet Yoga

Allison has been practicing yoga since the late 1990s. In 2002, she began to focus on alignment-based forms of yoga through the study of Anusara. Allison completed both her 200 & 500-hour Teacher Training with Sue Elkind & Naime Jezzeny of DIG Yoga in New Jersey and a 100-hour Immersion program with Carmel Calgano of Yoga Anjali. As part of this training, she studied anatomy, therapeutics, and restorative forms of yoga.

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