200 Hour Teacher Training 4 Month Track

Live in Abundance

As humans we are a part of nature yet in our daily lives we tend to disconnect to the very thing that helps us find balance.

The graceful flow of seasonal changes brings about an awareness that helps us weather turmoil and encourage joys in daily life enabling us to live in abundance.

Yoga Alliance certification

A shorter yet potent version of our 12 month track. We designed this variation of our year long training for those that do not have enough time in their schedule to plan out one year but can clear enough space in their schedule for a shorter more condensed time of learning. This training acknowledges all the primary required study for a 200hr Yoga Alliance certification while adding a nurturing amount of reflection, connection and support with the addition of rituals, celebration, nature and season- which our year long training is dedicated to and known for.

You will learn what shapes are right for your body in what season, what nutrition will help you feel optimal thru the lense of ayurveda (yoga’s sister science), how can meditation help to “free” your life and help you become more productive, focussed and clear. All this is conveyed thru the lense of learning how to teach a class. The graduate of this training will leave not only with a 200hr RYT certification thru Yoga Alliance, but a healthy dose of self inquiry and clarity of how to fully utilize the practice of yoga in their life. Inlet has built a strong foundational path for our graduates of this program to continue to learn, explore and further train within our community.

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