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Ancient Practice for a Modern Life

Inlet Yoga believes yoga is for everybody and has the ability to retune, re-calibrate, reform, and ultimately return us to a vibrant and harmonious natural state. No matter your age, creed, race, or gender, yoga is the ultimate practice of being human. Inlet Yoga honors the ancient practice of yoga while being authentic to the demands of modern-day life.  Join us for a class, beach yoga, or online, anytime.

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We believe the practice was originally intended to transform and evolve to suit the needs of the present day’s demands. Our body is our home that we must maintain and take care of but also LIVE inside of.  Although Inlet Yoga Studio embraces various types of yoga our Yoga Instructor staff has been trained in:

Yin Yoga


Inlet Yoga | Manasquan NJ | NJ Shore

Move & Restore

Inlet Yoga | Manasquan NJ | NJ Shore

Sun Salutes

Inlet Yoga | Manasquan NJ | NJ Shore

Seasonal Yoga

Inlet Yoga | Manasquan NJ | NJ Shore

Skills & Drills

Inlet Yoga | Manasquan NJ | NJ Shore

Yoga Sculpt

Inlet Yoga | Manasquan NJ | NJ Shore

Yoga Tune Up Flow

Inlet Yoga | Manasquan NJ | NJ Shore


Our Instructors

All of Inlet Yoga’s instructors care deeply about cultivating and creating an inspired, intelligent, practice for our students in our Manasquan, NJ location. Our instructors are facilitators to a deeper insight in ones practice of finding strength and center of self. The majority of Inlet Yoga’s instructors have more than 500 hrs of training and/or 20 years of experience. Our teaching faculty offers intelligent sequencing and modifications through the use of props so that our students can customize their experience to their needs.

Teacher Training Programs

Inlet Yoga takes pride in our teacher training programs which have been curated and cultivated with some of the best local and international talent. We have built strong bonds and relationships with teachers who understand the changing needs of our community. Our teachers respect and honor our community’s diversity in age, health, and lifestyle. Through compassionate and skillful teaching the Inlet teaching faculty delivers the best yoga experience for the human body.

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