Ignite Your Passion for Teaching: Unveiling Inlet Yoga's Empowering 200-Hour Foundational Yoga Teacher Training!

Elevate Your Yoga Journey: Unleash Your Potential with Inlet Yoga's Prestigious 200-Hour RYT Yoga Teacher Training!

Embark on a Transformative Yoga Journey: Join Our 200-Hour RYT Modular Teacher Training Program in 2022/2023!

In a world marked by profound shifts and evolving lifestyles, the longing for connection and meaningful experiences has never been stronger. At Inlet Yoga, we firmly believe in the power of in-person training that allows for immersive learning and ample time to fully absorb the teachings. Our comprehensive 200-hour RYT Modular program is designed with love and authenticity, offering you a robust and unique training experience. Discover the profound impact of this practice as you connect with like-minded individuals and become part of a supportive community. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding, elevate your skills, and unlock your potential as a certified yoga teacher. Enroll today and embark on a life-changing journey!

Jennifer Vafakos | Lead Instructor & Managing Director of Inlet Yoga Studio

Modules One through Three

Inlet Yoga’s Honor the Body RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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Honor the Body Module 1- 200 hr RYT Teacher Training

Due to the nature of our current lives we are breaking our 200 RYT TT down into 3 modules run in 5-hour increments throughout the year on Sundays. Module 1 is a prerequisite to understanding the basics of becoming a teacher. A student may sign up for module 1 without wanting to become a teacher and only for self-development or perhaps as a refresher in practice.

This training while meeting all the traditional requirements of a 200hr RYT program is set up to honor the body through an in-depth understanding of movement, nutrition, and self-care using all the tools of the science of yoga.

Module 2 - Embrace the Essence of Vata Season: Journey into Wisdom and Balance!

As the vibrant colors of fall fade away, we enter the enchanting realm of Vata season. A time characterized by celebration and darkness, it beckons us to explore the depths of seasonal energy, uncover the secrets of Ayurveda, and craft transformative practices that align with this sacred rhythm. In this module, we dive into the magic of Sanskrit, unraveling the meaning, structure, and pronunciation of basic words that elevate our practice to new heights. Delve into the power of mantras and experience how the resonance of sound shapes our journey. Immerse yourself in Pranayama techniques that harmonize with the season, invigorating your breath and revitalizing your spirit. Unlock the gateway to inner stillness through meditation practices that echo the natural patterns of the world around us. Join us on this illuminating adventure and harness the profound wisdom of Vata season. Enroll today to embark on a transformative path of self-discovery and radiant well-being.

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Module 3 - Awaken Your Spirit in the Blossoming Kapha Season!

As the winter frost melts away, nature emerges into a symphony of renewal and transformation. Just like the birth of spring, this module marks a time of new beginnings and profound shifts. Dive into the art of yoga business and unlock the secrets of specialty practices such as Yin, Restorative, Prenatal, and Seasonal Yoga. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Sanskrit, gaining a practical understanding that will elevate your practice to new heights. With this wealth of knowledge, you’ll craft unique and impactful classes that leave a lasting impression on your community. Embrace the essence of change and growth, and embark on this transformative journey. Join us in embracing the vibrant energy of Kapha season and seize the opportunity to empower yourself and others. Enroll now and step into a world of boundless possibilities!

More About this Yoga Teacher Training Program

Due to the nature of our current lives we are breaking our 200 RYT TT down into 3 modules run in 5-hour increments throughout the year on Sundays. Module 1 is a prerequisite to understanding the basics of becoming a teacher. A student may sign up to module 1 without wanting to become a teacher and only for self-development or perhaps as a refresher in practice.

Before continuing to modules 2 and 3 this module 1 must be completed.

This training while meeting all the traditional requirements of a 200hr RYT program is set up to honor the body through an in-depth understanding of movement, nutrition, and self-care using all the tools of the science of yoga.

What Makes Inlet Yoga's 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Different?

What makes us different from any 200 hr foundational program in the area:

Mentorship Program

  • Upon declaring an intention to complete the 200 RYT training, you will be automatically be assigned a mentor and a small group of students in which you will have access to and meet once a week to practice teaching, refine your building of skills and teaching competence as well as be able to securely understand all information and homework over the weekend. The mentorship program and the group of students are further there to support you on your journey so that you get the most out of the program.


Access At Your Convenience

  • Upon declaring an intention to complete the 200 RYT training at Inlet Yoga you will additionally gain membership to the online membership portal to review videos and take classes at your leisure as well as have unlimited access to regularly scheduled classes both in real life and Livestream.



  • Due to the timely nature of this program, you will also receive exclusive invitations to some Seasonal Celebrations and workshops. As booked and secured by Inlet Yoga.


Access to Top Notch Leading Instructors

  • With the support of our excellent senior-level leading teachers in the yoga industry, in less than one year after completing all 3 modules, you will be able to register at the 200-Hour level with Yoga Alliance giving you one of the highest levels of the yoga industry credentialing in the world to teach yoga.


Once payment is complete enjoy unlimited regularly scheduled yoga classes at Inlet Yoga for the duration of training.

Your Yoga Teacher Training Instructors

Jennifer Vafakos

Embrace the Transformative Journey with Jennifer!

More than a decade ago, Jennifer’s life took a fortuitous turn when she stepped into her first yoga class in the vibrant Lower East Side of NYC. What began as a sweaty and energetic experience quickly blossomed into something extraordinary, transcending the boundaries of her previous encounters with yoga and classical ballet.

Now, as the manager and owner of Inlet Yoga, Jennifer brings her passion for healing, laughter, playfulness, and adventure to every class she offers. Experience the harmonious blend of mindful alignment, dynamic sequencing, breathwork, and profound yogic philosophy. Jennifer’s classes are not just about the physical practice; they are an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

As a co-lead for Inlet’s renowned 200hr RYT Yoga Teacher Training Program, Jennifer shares her expertise and guides aspiring yogis on the path to becoming exceptional instructors. Join Jennifer and unlock the limitless potential that yoga offers. Enroll now and embark on a life-changing adventure with Inlet Yoga!

Jennifer Vafakos | Lead Instructor & Managing Director of Inlet Yoga Studio
Gerald Saluti | Inlet Yoga Studio

Gerald Saluti

Embrace the Transformative Journey with Jennifer!

Gerald Saluti is not just a yoga instructor; he is a dedicated student of the human body’s remarkable movement. Drawing from his athletic background and extensive knowledge of anatomy, Gerald has harnessed his passion for movement into a transformative yoga practice.

More than a decade ago, Gerald took his first yoga class and immediately felt the profound impact it had on both his physical and spiritual well-being. Motivated to deepen his practice, he immersed himself in teacher training programs, yoga workshops, festivals, and events, fueling his thirst for knowledge and growth.

Today, Gerald’s burning desire to share his wisdom and guide others on their yoga journey has come to fruition. As a co-lead and senior instructor at Inlet Yoga, he brings his expertise, infectious enthusiasm, and unwavering commitment to empowering his students.

Join Gerald on the mat and discover the transformative power of yoga. Embrace the harmonious blend of movement, breath, and self-discovery. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned practitioner, Gerald’s classes will inspire and elevate your practice to new heights. Step into your full potential and embark on a journey of strength, flexibility, and inner growth with Gerald Saluti at Inlet Yoga!

Allison Kane

Unlock Your Potential with Allison, Co-Lead and Senior Instructor at Inlet Yoga!

Allison’s yoga journey began in the late 1990s, igniting a lifelong passion for the practice. In 2002, she found her true calling in alignment-based forms of yoga, delving deep into the study of Anusara. Guided by her insatiable thirst for knowledge, Allison embarked on an enriching path of growth and transformation.

Under the guidance of esteemed teachers Sue Elkind and Naime Jezzeny of DIG Yoga, she completed both her 200 and 500-hour Teacher Training programs. Additionally, Allison immersed herself in a 100-hour program with the renowned Carmel Calgano of Yoga Anjali, where she explored the intricacies of anatomy, therapeutics, and restorative yoga.

As a Co-Lead and Senior Instructor at Inlet Yoga, Allison brings a wealth of wisdom and expertise to her classes. With a keen focus on alignment and a deep understanding of the body’s mechanics, she guides students on a transformative journey of self-discovery and self-care.

Join Allison on the mat and experience the power of alignment-based yoga. Discover the harmony between body, mind, and spirit as you delve into therapeutic practices and restorative forms of yoga. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, Allison’s classes will empower you to reach new heights of strength, flexibility, and well-being.

Unlock your potential and embark on a yoga journey with Allison at Inlet Yoga. Embrace alignment, healing, and self-discovery as you nurture your body, mind, and soul. The path to transformation awaits you!

Allison Kane | Inlet Yoga Studio Instructor | Manasquan, NJ | NJ Shore Yoga


What Style of Yoga is the Teacher Training?

Inlet Yoga Teacher Training, teaches students a core Vinyasa program with focus on creative sequencing, inspired movement, anatomy, and much more. Classes are thoughtfully constructed utilizing breathwork, meditation, Mantra (repeated sacred vedic words used in meditation), Mudras, yogic philosophy and asanas for an experience that will leave their students inspired to practice.

At Inlet our graduates are taught more than the yoga alliance 10 hrs of anatomy but they are given almost 20 hrs of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. This is built into how they learn to construct all classes, build their voice and queuing techniques

How Proficient Do I Have To Be To Take Part In The Yoga Teacher Training Program?

We request that you have a minimum of a six month practice. Ideally before you begin at Inlet you should have taken at least 3 classes. Please be aware that each day of meeting in the training includes a vigorous two + hour asana class- this ensures that you leave the training stronger in your practice physically, mentally and spiritually.

What Will I Learn In The Inlet Yoga 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program?

In addition to making lifelong friends and deepening your experience of yoga, you will study the following topics in depth:

  • Asana based on anatomy physiology kinioslogy. Inspired safe movement.
  • Sequencing and queuing- developing, constructing and communicating an effective safe creative class
  • Hands-on Assists including what is appropriate how to “read a body”
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama/ breath work techniques
  • Philosophy of yoga based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • Restorative and Yin
  • Ayurveda- sister science of yoga on how to maintain the body’s balance and health
  • Sanskrit (basic sound and translations)
  • Chakras- energy centers of the body and how they work within the practice of movement
  • Mantra (repeated Vedic mediational chants) and mudras
  • Business of Yoga- how to market yourself and be successful as a teacher in today’s environment
  • Pre/ Post natal yoga and how to construct classes for this special population.
What Is Needed To Secure My Spot In The Teacher Training Program, and What Is The Cancellation Policy?

Inlet Yoga requires a $500.00 deposit when you enroll to reserve your spot in the training. Should you cancel and drop out of the training up to 30 days prior to training beginning you are eligible for $250 of the of your $500 deposit as a refund.

Should you cancel within 15 – 30 days prior to the Teacher Training commencing you are not eligible for any refund of any kind and any balance whatsoever in accordance with the Inlet Yoga Teacher Training.


All fees for Teacher Training are for Teacher Training at Inlet Yoga only, and cannot be transferred or used for other services, classes, workshops, or products. Once the training program begins your tuition is ineligible for refund, no exceptions.


Your cancellation must be made in writing or via email to [email protected]. Your refund will be processed and a check sent to you within 30 days of confirmation of receipt of your cancellation in accordance with the refund policy set forth herein.

What Are The 200-Hour Graduation Requirements?

In order to graduate the program you must be paid in full and fulfill the following requirements:

  • Attendance of all teacher training sessions
  • completion of all homework requirements and readings
  • completion of teaching practical
  • passing mark on final exam
What If I Want To Take The Trainig, But Do Not Want To Be A Yoga Teacher?

A number of our trainees want nothing more than to delve deeper into the practice of yoga, become stronger both mentally, physically and spiritually all while absorbing the vibe of the Inlet community. Above all else we want to support you on your individual journey giving you the tools of the practice so that you leave transformed and inspired.

Can I Practice at Inlet Yoga During The Training Program?

When you enroll for a 200-Hour program at a Inlet you will be able to attend all regularly scheduled classes included as part of the training. In addition you are required to take a certain number of classes for certification though Inlet Yoga.

Are There Any Books Or Materials Included With The Cost Of The Training?

Both Inlet Yoga and Yoga Alliance require a minimum of 200 hours training during the Teacher Training program.  We know that life sometimes intervenes, emergencies happen, and you may not be able to make it to class due to the unforeseen circumstances.  While we understand and sympathize, we’ve created a make-up policy for your absentee hours in order to complete your training.  Each student can miss a maximum of 15 hours, which must be made up within one year of the end of the program, in order to meet the 200 Hour Teacher Training requirement.  You will not graduate if you do not make up your hours within one year of the end of the program, and will have to pay in full for to complete training should you lapse and have to retake the training.

There are two options to true up your training within the 12 month period:

  1. Schedule private lessons with the instructor either while the program is underway or post program graduation to make up the time you missed.  Or,
  2. Should there be another training in the same year with the same curriculum at Inlet Yoga, you can attend the session days you were absent to make up the classes for graduation.  If the training is sold out, you must wait for another training in the same year with space available to make up the time you missed.


Should you choose Option A above, the following pricing and makeup hours apply:

  • One Hour Private Session = 1 – 4 hours of missed class time
  • 1.5 Hour Private Session = 5 – 6 hours of missed class time
  • Two Hour Private Session = 7 – 8 hours of missed class time

No more than eight hours of missed class time is acceptable for graduation

Private makeup lessons $100 – $150 per hour plus a $35 studio space usage fee per session.