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Inlet is built and sustained on three endeavors of service. Ultimately being the example of “We are One”. Community – This is how we choose to come together and support one another’s journey… Inlet Yoga’s willingness to adapt to the community’s needs based on the collective growth of everyone’s practice is at the core of our philosophy. Whether new students want more basics classes, modifying class times, adding unique offerings (inversion classes, more restorative classes, etc) we’ve got you covered and want your input.

Ultimate Life Changing Experience

Service to the broader community surrounding Inlet Yoga is in our blood. We want to show up, and we want to give back. We’re currently partnering with Root to Rise, and looking at other programs to help give back to the community.

Education – We work hard to connect you with the best yoga instructors New Jersey has to offer. We hope to offer you on your yogic journey, the ultimate life changing experience in teacher trainings, workshops, and intensives to support your practice.

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