Jeff Posner Inlet Yoga NJ Shore
Inlet Yoga is excited to welcome Jeffrey Posner to Inlet Yoga for a workshop entitled “A way into Advanced Asana and Inversions”  Jeffrey’s attitude for yoga is intense and uplifting. His unique style is a blend of the traditions he has studied and practiced including Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Lotus Flow™ through which he was first trained as a teacher. Jeffrey is an established instructor and also an instructor in Inlet Yoga’s 200 Hour Teacher Training.
This workshop demystifies arm balancing and inversions, and will carve a path toward executing more advanced postures up side down with fearlessness. We will look at the more subtle mechanics of these difficult asanas while experimenting with new & interesting ways of entering and abiding in them.
The following postures will be explored in a safe, fun and playful environment:
  • Flying Crow (eka pada galavasana),
  • Headstand into Backbend variations,
  • Handstand variations
This workshop will be held on 8/27/2016 and start at 1:30 and go until 3:30 p.m.  You can sign up here.  
Cost:  $40.00 for non-members and 15% off for Members.
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