Inlet Yoga Workshop Terms

Inlet Yoga Workshop Terms and Conditions

The Workshop Agreement and Terms and Conditions, (the “Workshop Agreement”) is between Inlet Yoga (the “Studio”) and the individual (the “Customer”) agreeing to attend the chosen Workshop (the “Yoga Workshop”), on the date provided on their email receipt and the Studio website (

  1. Payment. Customer understands Customer must provide their Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Credit Card Information, and credit card authorization (the “Personal Information”) to the Studio either online via Company’s Website, WellnessLiving, in person, or via telephone, and such authorization permits the Studio to charge fees for the Workshop or Workshops Customer is agreeing to attend.  The Studio will hold in accordance with PCI compliance regulations Customer’s Personal Information until 24 hours prior to the Yoga Workshop, at which time, Customer’s Personal Information will be used for Payment for Workshop and Customer’s credit card charged in full.
    1. The customer acknowledges that there is a charge for credit cards that fail pre-authorization and that there is a fee of $25.00 for each pre-authorization failure which may result in more than one $25.00 charge to the Customer’s Account.  WellnessLiving the business management system Company utilizes auto tries multiple times, and fees may accumulate automatically against Customer’s credit card and WellnessLiving account and will be charged accordingly when Customers credit card failures have been remedied.
    2. Customers, in addition to their payment for the Yoga Workshop, will be charged the credit card processing fee paid to Paragon Payment Systems to manage Company’s credit card processing. The fee for the credit card transaction in any amount paid to Company is 3.5% for each time Customer’s credit card is charged.
  2. Refunds. There are no refunds for the Workshop due to the advance nature required in arranging a Yoga Workshop and Yoga Workshop courseware.  If Customer cancels their participation in the Workshop the Studio will not provide Customer with a refund of the workshop fee paid.  Customer understands that they are not entitled to refunds, credits, or adjustments resulting from failure to attend the workshop at Studio or Studio’s alternate location for any reason.  Consideration for Refunds will be considered and provided only if the Studio cancels the Workshop, at the Studio’s sole discretion.

All communications on the matter of Workshops to [email protected].  Please title the subject line “Workshop Questions” to receive a reply.

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Updated February 2022