Hey everyone, we’ve been fielding some questions on the point of membership costs, and we want to be as transparent as possible with you. One of the reasons we loved Inlet so much, was how reasonable the costs are to encourage membership, and people stepping frequently on their mats. Inlet has the most reasonable pricing in the area and we WILL maintain that.  However, at the same time we need to see Inlet and its teachers supported as well as new classes and workshops added to the schedule for both you, and them. We could have lesser experienced teachers on the schedule, but this we will NOT compromise on, nor will w take classes OFF the schedule to compromise for cost. Further, we WILL NOT compromise on the quality of education we offer.

That said, In an effort to keep our community top of mind and whole, the current monthly annual contract members will see a $4.95 (if you are paying $45.00 per month) or $9.95, (if you are paying $40.00 per month) increase respectively to your membership fee, ONLY AT THE TIME OF CONTRACT RENEWAL. Both Jack and I have gone back and forth about and agree that since the membership has not been raised in 3+ years that the the rate increase is both minimal, and helps to cover the cost of coming improvements in the studio, additional services, classes, and a private portal on our website for members only to have access to preferred content, videos, etc.  Oh, and we almost forgot, we’re going to lock in that price for the next 36 months so you won’t see any additional price increases during that term, guaranteed.  We hope you understand, and continue to be part of an amazing community that we are excited to now be part of.  We cannot wait to meet you all.  

NOTE, that this will not start to take effect until July 1st, 2016, and will affect ALL current memberships with an annual agreements.

NEW incoming annual monthly memberships, effective immediately will be $55.00 per month. This does not affect existing monthly members.  These changes will help us reinvest directly in the studio and the students.  We’ve been doing both some strategic and tactical planning around several changes that will benefit you the community, and we’re excited to bring them to you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or call us at 800.435.6038 our new Toll Free number.  .  We would be more than happy to discuss.

Thanks so much!

Jennifer and Jack

P.S. – If you clicked on the link in the newsletter, you’re getting a sneak peak at the New Inlet Yoga website being developed, in progress.  You can still see the old one at www.inletyoga.com for the moment, but look out in the coming weeks, we’ll be going live!

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