Inlet Yoga is partnering with Root to Rise in Asbury Park at the beginning of July.  If you don’t know who Root to Rise is, they are the sober living community of the NJ Shore area.  They utilize yoga and physical activity to help those recovering from drug and alcohol abuse remain sober on their journey through recovery.  

Inlet Yoga will be raising money for Root to Rise for six months starting in July, committed to raising money in the three following ways:

  • Donation based community classes.  These classes will be held weekly and taught by the recent teacher training grads, spotlighting their passion and voice while helping the cause with your attendance.
  • A Saturday noon class will be added to the schedule.   The proceeds from this class will go directly to Root To Rise.  This class will start July 16th.
  • Membership dues will help to benefit the cause with your attendance to class.  We will be donating a portion of your monthly dues to Root To Rise with every check-in to class you attend at Inlet Yoga.  

Want to know more about Root to Rise, check out the link above.  Want to know how you can help us raise more money for Root to Rise, email us here.

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