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Namaste. My name is Jennifer Vafakos and I am a teacher here at Inlet Yoga, and am also the director of all of our fabulous offerings that we have for you. Happy 2018! One of the amazing offerings that we have begins January 7th is an “Ultimate Concierge Beginners Package.

If you are looking to start a practice, if you are returning to your practice, maybe you were injured or you have something that took you away from the physical practice for a while; This package is for you. It’s actually three workshops, unlimited yoga for 30 days, but the idea is inside of these workshops, we break down the shapes, and we talk to one another about them. We “set up, assist” and learn “self-assists” as well as how to take care of ourselves inside of a Vinyasa practice.

If this is something that sounds like it’s for you it begins this Sunday, January 7th, at Inlet Yoga.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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