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Honoring The Seasons in a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

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As humans we are a part of nature yet in our daily lives we tend to disconnect to the very thing that helps us find balance… The graceful flow of seasonal changes brings about an awareness that helps us weather turmoil and encourage joys in daily life enabling us to live in abundance.

This training acknowledges all the primary required study for a 200hr Yoga Alliance certification while adding a nurturing amount of reflection, connection and support so that the student absorbs and imbibes the rituals of nature and season. It has been the fashion of many 200 hr RYT training programs to shorten the timeline.  Presently there are many shortened training offerings from 4 months, 30 days, 2 weeks, etc.  While many students can absorb book knowledge in a shortened period of time – true knowing is an experiential journey and one that encourages the divine creative power inside all of us. It is in this training, a student will learn all the tenants of yoga found in a variety of lineages as well as the tools of Ayurveda, Pranayama, Mudras, mantras, anatomy, meditation, asana and sacred text of Patanjali’s sutras. We will also begin to understand that we are not separate from nature; we are nature and from the Ayurvedic perspective, we are composed of the same basic five elements—ether, air, fire, water, and earth—as every material object around us. We will be given the tools and information, through the lens of teaching a yoga class – what asana (yoga shapes) are correct for our body at what time of year, what foods are essential to nourish our body each season, understanding our constitution and that of our classes what are the unhealthy patterns we see both in ourselves and movements of our students and how to  begin to address.  The ultimate goal is to make small changes that encourage living a life more fully engaged with family, diet, work, as well as beginning to see possibilities and opportunities.

Your body has inherent wisdom and is complete and balanced when in tune with the rhythms of nature… right action, right decisions, and peace are found in the consciousness of honoring a way of life that is in harmony with natural change. We invite you to a practice and training in tune with nature.

Inlet Yoga will be kicking off their 12 Month 200 – Hour Yoga Teacher Training, in August 2018 led by both Jennifer Vafakos and Carrie Godesky.  We invite you to join us for one weekend a month, to deepen your practice and gain a stronger knowledge of yourself, your practice, and life around you.  We also invite you to this fantastic training if your schedule does not accommodate a typical 16-week training program that meets every weekend, and you need additional flexibility, should you be looking to add Yoga Instructor to your resume.

Join us for this teacher training and embark on a new journey.

If you are interested in the 12 Month Inlet Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, feel free to reach out to Jennifer Vafakos, at [email protected] or call Inlet Yoga at 800.435.6038 to learn more.

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Mom, daughter, teacher, business owner, recovering fashion designer; like many, life demands we wear numerous hats.

Currently, Jennifer owns and manages Inlet Yoga studio which includes heading up and coordinating workshops, classes and teacher training(s). In multitasking, Jennifer has found time to be a new mom, teach yoga, run the 200-hour RYT training program, as well as be a talent scout for some of the most amazing instructors at the Jersey Shore and NYC area.

Jennifer began practicing yoga her my mid-twenties as a way to take that “one day off” from training for marathons, biathlons, triathlons as well as basically blow off a lot of steam from a corporate day job. What began as a “day off” threaded through years of practice and continually study. Jennifer is most grateful to my teachers, most notably Dana Trixie Flynn and Sheri Celetano of Laughing Lotus where she has almost 1,000 hours of training.  In addition to Laughing Lotus Jennifer has trained with Baron Baptiste level 1, Tari Prinster (yoga for women cancer survivors) and currently I am embarking on the 200-hour advanced Katonah training with Ivy Ray.


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