” You know the First moment of dawn has arrived when you look into the eyes of another human being and see yourself”- unknown
At a time when there seems to be such senseless violence and suffering in the world it seems a bit hollow to be entering lightheartedly into a season that will undoubtedly be filled with celebration, parties and festivities. I, myself, am becoming wearied by what appears to be a monthly if not weekly occurrence of national level gun violence. At a time when we should be grateful, generous and come together we need to make the small choices that help us to take care of ourselves and ultimately those around us. Be mindful that by being the giver we are also the receiver. Small acts of kindness may change the course of a day for another.

“Make the discovery that if you can teach or practice yoga as spiritual activism then you are making a huge contribution toward a kinder world.” Sharron Gannon
Such beautiful words. Simple. Not grandiose. Does it seem selfish? Not at all, at least not to me, I now understand life with enough of it behind me that I truly am you and no different. Every gesture of every moment can be a surrendering to something greater than ourselves. The inner light that is reflective in all of us. So, go ahead and be the advocate, volunteer your time for a better community, home and mother earth where ever it is needed and in giving you will receive- but never forget the simple act of showing up for yourself and working on yourself to be a better person connects us all. Give free smiles, hug, hold a hand, pat on the back, say hello not knowing whom you are speaking to- make contact. There is a grace that connects us all as we begin to figure out how to take care of one another and ultimately ourselves in the process.
What does this mean in a class? look for moments of rest. This may not be grandiose and perhaps it is you taking responsibility for taking rest in a child’s pose. Perhaps there is pranayama (breath control), queing, sequencing that encourages you to go soft instead of as April Puciata says “every day does not have to be the hardest day of your life” . Lets together make our days a little softer to ourselves and perhaps it radiates to others.
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