David Regelin Workshop Inlet Yoga NJ Shore

On September 11th, Jason Morris joins us for a very special workshop and we will have the opportunity to share a well rounded class and discussion with this highly intuitive and skilled instructor.

Whether you are a Yoga Instructor or a devoted student, no matter what style of Vinyasa you practice, learn how to set up a for a pose or a life situation in the most efficient and effective way possible.  Approach each pose and life with space, grounding, and stability.  Have a conversation utilizing cutting edge anatomical information and how to effectively integrate anatomy into your unique reality. Discuss the myths and anatomical truths that surround these shapes and use this information to crease the potential of your practice. 

And, on September 25th, David Regelin presents his Physical Origami Workshop.  Personally, I have taken this workshop several times and each time have discovered something new.  As we delve deeper into our own Asana practice, we understand how our body is uniquely made to fit together.  David guides you through the shapes of your body using metaphor of the body and life.  He carves out personal instruction and assists each practitioner in order to help them recognize who they truly are.  Space is limited for this Workshop due to demand.  Expect to leave with a new idea and appreciation for what your practice can become.

You can sign up for either or both of these workshops here.






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